Malware Tools, Tips and Tricks

In the past, I used to maintain a Google Doc with all the tools I use or recommend for my students to use for Malware Analysis. A couple of days ago, while doing a Malware Analysis workshop for NW3C, I was asked if I can share my Google Doc and I definitely do not mind doing that. This is where I thought it would be much better to create a GitHub repo and move everything to it. So I used a tool to convert my Google Doc to Markdown and then created the repo here for hosting the content.

Now, I found that it is getting too long and scrolling is going to be an issue, so I searched for a GitHub pages theme and I found this. So, I started to convert the repo into something similar. It is still work in progress and if anyone is interested to help, they are welcome to contribute.

If you have any comments, notes, fixes, recommendations whether for tools, videos, tips and tricks, courses, etc? Please send them my way… You can find me on X (formerly Twitter) here.

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