ModSecurity2 Installation, and Configuration


This is an English copy of my ModSecurity2 HOWTO which I submitted to BreachSecurity today. I hope to be seeing it on their main documentation website soon ::18

Download the HOWTO in:
read online

I shall upload the Arabic copy soon, as I still like to discuss about it

Feel free to contact me for any further issues ::20

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3 Responses to ModSecurity2 Installation, and Configuration

  1. gh0st says:

    al salam alikom
    how you doing brother ?
    nice to see you ,
    It’s an interesting article , I was really need to read about it ! because I’m trying to build a server at how to improve my knowledge in servers’ administration !
    I’ve some question that i hope that you help me to find a solution for them !
    For example how can I ban the use of 64 bit encryption in the server because It’s used is some shells ,like mouhajer22’s shell !
    Is there any way to stop the back connection ?
    thanks and have a nice time brother !:)

  2. ZERIAB says:

    شكراً لك أخي الكريم على كل ما تقدمه لنا ..
    لقد بدأت قراءة هذا المستند و أتمنى أن أستفيد منه ..
    بآرك الله فيك .. أخي على ..

    مع تحيات أخوك زرياب .. :)

  3. ... says:

    hi where are you from ?

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