Thanks to No Starch Press


The last month I bought a book from No Starch Press titled: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

I got the book which I don’t need to write a review about it, you can find many great reviews about the book using Google or reading these two reviews: Link1 | Link2

What happened is that I received the book but unfortunately the CD inside the book was broken

I wondered what to do !!! I went to No Starch Press website, and took a look at the About page. There was a wonderful full detail explanation what to do if you have the same case as mine (i.e: broken CD). So I mailed them and told them about my situation, they asked me for book details (serial no) and a shipping address. I mailed them that, and after 3 weeks I received a brand NEW CD shipped to me for free ::bgrim::

I really wish to thank No Starch Press for their customer support and follow up with my case and for sure they shall do the same with others too. Thanks No Starch for that I really appreciate it, and I highly recommend you guys out there to go ahead and buy their books, they are really a geeks entertainment

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6 thoughts on “Thanks to No Starch Press

  1. د/احمد شولح @ الله يخليك يارب دكتور أحمد … وعسى الله ييسر أمورنا جميعاً دائماً …
    دمت بود …

  2. Marshel007 @ هلا أخوي عبد الله …
    فعلا كتاب رائع جداً … وأكيد راح يبقى موجود على Demonoid …
    نورت الزون يا عم من زمان ما شفناك ::17

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