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Speaking at NCCC 2024

Next week, I will be speaking at the National Cyber Crime Conference 2024 for the second year in a row. This year Dr. Mariam Khader and myself will be running 4 different investigation workshops, mostly focusing on malware analysis with … Continue reading

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Linux Forensics Workshop

Hello, I’ve been invited by the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP) to do a Linux Forensics workshop during their series of Cybersecurity Nights. My session will be next Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 10:00 PM (KSA time) … Continue reading

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Acquiring Linux Memory using AVML and Using it with Volatility

This is another quick post going over the process to acquire memory from a Linux system, but instead of using LiME, I’m going to use AVML which stands for Acquire Volatile Memory for Linux, and could be found here. The … Continue reading

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Forensic Acquisitions over Netcat

In the past I used to write here what I did so I do not forget, so I’ll try to get back to that habit again :) These days whenever I find time, I’m playing with TSURUGI, which is a … Continue reading

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الجزء السادس من محاضرات HTID

هذا هو الجزء السادس من محاضرة الأسبوع الماضي، والذي كان حول Post Exploitation سواءاً Linux أو Windows … هذا كان الجانب النظري … الجانب العملي سيتم سيتم إنهائه يوم الثلاثاء القادم إن شاء الله … حيث ستكون مع محاضرة الـ … Continue reading

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